Did you configure a OpenVPN server using a Mikrotik router and now don't know how to connect your Windows or Linux Client? Sure the answer is yes, but I'll help you to solve that.

Getting the connection information

First of all, open the Mikrotik OpenVPN Config Generator and connect to your Mikrotik using Winbox. It's strongly recommended that you use a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) instead an IP Address, because if your server IP change, the server will not stop working.



Click on "DDNS Enabled" and then "Force Update", wait some seconds while your address is being generating, after generated you can copy and paste on Remote (Address) field on MOCG.



Next, you will fill Port, Auth and Cipher information, on your Winbox go to PPP -> OVPN Server like the image below.





Exporting the certificates

The next step is export the CA, Client certificate and Client Key. On Winbox, go to System -> Certificates.



Select the CA certificate, click on export, let type default value "PEM" and export without any passphrase, this way you are just exporting the public key of certificate.


Do the same process with the client certificate, but insert a passphase to export the public and private key. Now, go to files and download the exported certificates.

Load the certificates and don't forget to insert the key passphrase.



If you want the client receive the VPN public IP address, you have to check "Redirect Gateway, to finish, you can push a route to local Mikrotik network. 

Configuring OpenVPN Client

Download and install the OpenVPN Client and save your configuration file inside openvpn\config folder.

Create a file named credentials.txt and enter username and password one below the other


Move the credentials file to openvpn\config folder just like .ovpn file.